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Throughout its over 30 year history, the SETECH legacy has been delivering direct and indirect supply chain (MRO) solutions for its customers resulting in increased predictability, reliability,  efficiency and unparalleled year over year return on investment.  We are committed to playing our part in ensuring a competitive domestic supply chain presence.  From advisory (consulting) services to software-as-a-service (SaaS) to fully managed (outsourced) services, SETECH provides the answers to all of your supply chain management challenges.

Early History

SETECH began operations in 1982 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, as a manufacturer of automation equipment and aircraft components and then medical implants and surgical hand tools. Building this business required strong engineering and manufacturing competence, and given the criticality of final product use and federal agency inspection requirements, we also had to be extremely process driven in all aspects of our business. Also, early on, we determined a strategy and the necessary processes to outsource manufacturing that we considered non-core, retaining in-house those manufacturing processes that were of highest complexity and greatest strategic value.

From these important competencies, SETECH began its third party indirect material management operations in 1988 at the original SATURN facility in Spring Hill, Tennessee. The SETECH program provided service elements developed specifically for the challenging commodity group of Blue Print Tooling and OEM Spares, where we continued to manage this program for over 20 years. Our heritage as a design/engineer and manufacturer of highly specialized production and replacement parts has allowed SETECH to effectively manage the complexities of specialized, critical replacement components for our clients, where Blue Print Tooling and OEM Spares capabilities remains an important element of SETECH’s existing programs today.

Recent History

In 2016, SETECH launched a new business unit to support the needs of clients looking to accelerate the success of their reliability programs by outsourcing predictive maintenance activities. With proven technology and certified technicians, SETECH RaaS improves equipment availability by detecting failures early enough to locate spare parts in the supply chain and plan repairs with minimal impact to plant output.

While remaining headquartered in Tennessee, our operations have been in place in the US, Mexico, China, India, and Europe providing full Indirect Material Management services.

Bill Shriver


Bill Shriver has the pleasure of serving as CEO of SETECH and is a dynamic thought leader, practice innovator, and account executive with over 30 years developing and implementing Supply Chain Management solutions specializing in the areas of business and information technology strategy, improvement portfolio development, business process transformation, change management and performance improvement. He has served clients successfully in the transportation, automotive, consumer products, energy, and chemicals markets.


His passion remains to continue to prove that domestic manufacturers can compete globally and to make these successful clients famous. He is a former co-founder of Spectrum Supply Chain Solutions, Spectrum Security Solutions and Blue Ridge of the Carolinas, a real estate investment and services firm. Bill is also an alumnus Vice President of Capgemini LLC and Partner with Ernst & Young LLP.

While serving those management consulting firms, he held leadership positions as the Carolinas Area Leader, the Carolinas Region Leader of the Products Business Unit sector; the Carolinas High Growth Middle Market Segment Leader; and, the US Practice Leader for Global Transportation and Logistics. Bill spent the early part of his career in numerous key leadership positions for General Motors Corporation focused on studying, improving and implementing the Toyota Production System and Theory of Constraints in all facets of the business.

He attended the Northwestern University, J. L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management Executive Development Program has a Master of Business Administration from Duke University, Fuqua School of Business, completed coursework towards a Master of Science in Manufacturing Systems Engineering at State University of New York at Buffalo and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Mike Salyers


Vice President of Operations

Mr. Salyers has been with SETECH since 1998 and has had leadership roles in all facets of SETECH operations during his career. He has managed indirect inventories valued at over $35,000,000 and directed procurement activities that have totaled over $20,000,000 annually. He has directed confirmed cost savings activities that have saved SETECH clients millions of dollars during his tenure.
Prior to his time with SETECH, Mr. Salyers served four years with the US Army Intelligence at various locations throughout the world in support of activities for the National Security Agency. Mr. Salyers' degrees include a Master of Science in Management (MSM) from Indiana Wesleyan University and a Bachelor of Science from Ball State University.

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View our slide deck to get a better idea of how we can help with your supply chain functions!

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Community Outreach

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Giving back to the community is a strong moral value we hold at SETECH. We are committed to supporting our communities and local businesses through continuous charitable donations. 

Community Outreach

SETECH'S Contributions

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