Supply Chain Management

SETECH utilizes proven practices to assess current state scenarios, which efficiently and accurately identify performance GAP’s within four aspects of operations. (People, Process, Product, and Systems)

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Lean Operation Approach


Our Lean Operation Approach identifies & addresses waste in the 8 areas:

  • Defects

    • ​Out of spec & below standards

  • Overproduction

    • ​Producing too much product – before it is needed – WIP or Finished Goods etc.

  • Transportation

    • ​Unnecessarily moving product and information – or before it is needed

  • Waiting

    • ​People, process, product waiting on previous step

  • Inventory

    • ​Inventory or information sitting idle – not in process

  • Motion

    • ​Equipment, people, or information making unnecessary / non-value added movement

  • Processing

    • ​Wasted processing time – inspecting, undue tolerances, symptom focus vs root cause

  • Skills

    • ​Underutilized resources, capabilities, poor delegation of tasks, poor training, mismatch of skills/tasks


SETECH does it differently.

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